Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fast Food Rant

The post is coming, I promise. But I just wanted to say that we picked up some Pizza Hut on the way home yesterday. With all of my appointments, I haven't been able to cook like I normally do. I was partly excited and partly dreading pizza for dinner. I think I gained back about five pounds over the last few weeks, because I can't control myself when there's candy in the house (it's all gone now). So I knew this would be one more meal that kept me from getting back on track. I do enjoy pizza, but normally I make it from scratch at home- yes, whole wheat dough and all. But I told myself that it has been a tough week for me, and I deserved something sinful. However, after I was finished, my body told me otherwise.

We don't ever eat fast food or anything of the sort unless we are on a road trip or I am feeling ill or my pain level is at a 20. So having all of that greasy, buttery, sugary, fatty, refined dough pizza made me so sick that I came thisclose to throwing it all up. I don't know what it was called (indigestion?) but about an hour after I ate I began to feel nauseous and had to burp or else the gas in my chest would prevent me from breathing. I am not exaggerating. I felt ill. Maybe I had such an extreme reaction because we never eat that kind of food- in fact I am sure that's why. When you don't eat that stuff for a long time your body isn't used to processing all of it. But if you eat it all the time, your body is probably accustomed to churning through all that crap. It just goes to show what it does to your body! Now, my homemade pizza doesn't make me feel this way, but the crap that goes into fast food does not go into my cooking. Anyway, I felt so sick last night that I just had to post something about it today. Think of it what you will.

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Troy and Nancee said...

We enjoyed ours very much. Thanks. Sorry yours made you so sick. Can't wait to play with your little guy today.