Thursday, October 29, 2009

Skittles and Reese's and Starburst, Oh My!

I HATE CANDY. I despise it. It is currently ruining my life. No, it is not my fault that my hand has reached into the candy jar one too many times. It is my husband's fault for buying the stuff! ;) I can hide it from myself and keep it out of my sight, but I know it is there, calling my name, telling me I must eat every piece until the job is done. I hadn't tasted the sugary stuff in so long, and my taste buds jumped for joy as they reunited with their old friend. Even though my taste buds thanked me, I know my thighs will not thank me next week when they have an extra inch of unwelcome fat surrounding and suffocating them.

However, if you subtracted all of the candy I have been eating lately, my diet has been extremely healthy. HA! ;) Normally we would not have candy in our house so early before Halloween. In fact, if it wasn't for the huge Halloween party we had last weekend, I was actually planning on handing out fun stickers and pencils to the trick-or-treaters. There were some cute Cars and Tinkerbell ones at the dollar store. I don't give my own son candy or very many sweets at all, so why would I give it out by the handfuls? My son's idea of sweet is carrot bread. My biggest fear is that he will grow up haunted by his sweet tooth, like me. Not that I am placing blame, but I still have memories of someone who I shall not name adding "sauce" (a.k.a. SUGAR) to my cereal when I was a toddler. Here's an idea: It is better to not eat it at all and go hungry than to eat it doused in sugar!!

Anyway, when you have 50+ children in your home for a Halloween party, you better have at least some candy. I mean, it's OK to have some fun every once in a while. And lucky for me, my husband completely overshot the amount of candy we needed. We have about 10 pounds leftover for our church's trunk-or-treat on Friday, and then for kiddos on Saturday. And I don't plan on having one speck left over from that, so there will be a lot of happy kids out there.

So, as you can see, we all struggle this time of year. Even people who write blogs about health and fitness and talk about clean eating. ;) We are human, after all.

My next post will address ways to not end up in my aforementioned situation. Yes, Halloween is almost here, but we still have to make it through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the cold season in general. The latter in itself makes even the best of us lack motivation (when we get up for a 6 AM run and it's 10 degrees out!) and want to add on a nice, wintry layer of fat. Also, if you are used to exercising outside and find that you won't be able to do it without developing hypothermia, I do have a few fun indoor exercises up my sleeve for you. So, stay tuned!!


Mach Momma said...

I buy tiny bags goldfish crackers for trunk or treat. That way they only get the refined flour and preservatives... lol

Troy and Nancee said...

I would be happy to take some of that candy off your hands. (: